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DefenseTechs Ltd is an Israel advisory and consulting company working across more than 40 countries since 2012.



Committed to Excellence

DefenseTechs Ltd is an Israel advisory company working globally since 2012.

The company holds years of vast experience in advisory and consulting in the private and public sectors.

Some of our main fields are Cyber, IT, security, General Technologies, IoT, Software concept, software integration, vendors management, solving regular and complex problems through technological implementation including software and technological projects.

In addition, DefenseTechs specializes in professional and consulting services.

Including business and market development, through an established network of local partners in more than 40 countries.


Consulting and advisory Services

We specialize in Cyber, IT, security, General Technologies implementation, IoT, Software concept design, software integration, tenders, business, and vendors management, solving regular and complex problems through technological implementation, software and technological projects, management, design, and implementation including professional and consulting services

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