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CISO, Cyber, SIEM / SOC, Data Protection Services, Audit, and Risk Assessments

Providing and managing everything you need by the best professionals


CISO As Service

Especially for SMBs, adjusting a formal framework for the day-to-day organizational needs.
Our CISOs' are multilingual and are internationally recognized CISOs from Israel with great experience in startups, large public multinationals, and government agencies.

CISO is a main function within an organization and usually sits with the board of the company.
In general, the main function is to implement policies, run training, drive regulatory compliance, reduce the gap between IT, Cyber, and Data Protection, create, analyze, evaluate, and strengthen the effectiveness of the cybersecurity programs, and coordinate the operative side with the business continuity to avoid economic losses, brand damage, loss of information, and more. 

The service can be a full-time CISO as well as part-time CISO in accordance with a bank of hours.


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Managed SIEM/SOC 24/7 (Cyber Center)

Our unique solution is based on secured architecture and incorporates strict standards while continuously protecting IT assets. The solution includes intelligent analysis of security events generated by all IT systems in the organization, including mobile devices

Tier-2 SOC aggregates security events from Tier-1 sites and external sources and sensors. A professional team of security experts then uses a unique correlation & analysis engine to analyze data, detect attack patterns and provide predictive cyber defense abilities including DDoS, Ransomware, Anomalies, Identity Lifecycle Management (IDM), phishing, and much more in addition to monitoring and controlling the use of permissions and tracking users - in the various organizational systems (Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint), file servers and central storage, ERP systems, and self-developed systems.

Through our Cyber Center, we provide protection for internal and external organizations, and sophisticated intelligence on information, based on Big Data Analytics for the purposes of cyber protection within the organization. At the cyber center, we offer solutions for the customer's needs and the threats to which the company is exposed. Cyber ​​protection in the organization requires the continuous and proactive implementation of Analytics on information, and as part of this, there is an ongoing collection of intelligence about cyber attacks that have happened in the world and new threats that have been located and analyzed.

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Data Protection Services

We provide technological solutions to protect, and monitor sensitive data to prevent:

Leakage, misuse, robbery, or any other situation regarding sensitive and critical information in an organization, even if due to an internal or external event

Cyber, Compliance, IT, DATA, GDPR, Risk Assessment, Internal and External PT (Penetration Tests), ISO

Our Israeli team is one of the most world renamed and experienced professionals in a wide range of Auditing and Assessments services, Including:

- Internal and External Penetration Tests (PT)

- Full Risk Assessments (IT, OT , IoT, Scada, Cyber)

- ISO Standards


- IT and OT infraestructure

- Cyber security


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