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Advisory Tech

Technology Advisory

Data and Sensitive Data

Advise on DLP, General Organization data, and Sensitive Data Protection.
in including Framework and Technologies to implement or integrate.


We advise and provide software, technologies  and equipments to corporates and governments in more than 40 countries  on everything related to security and Homeland Security 

Inside Threat

Software for the recognition , detection, and prevention of Internal Threats from human resources to reduce real-time internal risks

Software Advisory

We are experts across many verticals on software to increase monitoring, Tracktion, processes, IT, productivity, AI, ML, DL and more.

We advise also on how to bring added value to your organization and/or your customers through the implementation of Technologies


Intelligence solutions for Homeland Security departments and corporates.


for National agencies and Corporates on Cyber, Software, Services, Technologies, and Equipment.


National Security


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